What is Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui is all about direction, location and orientation of the building and it` s furniture`s positions within, making sure the flow of energy is uninterrupted and well balanced. We can achieve balance by moving furniture and increasing or decreasing one or two of the five elements presents in the given location.

How are we work?

We are working with the compass and using flying charts, landscape formula,8 mansion formula,trigram charts,birth charts to assess the given space. We will recommend you how to redecorate the rooms by using colors,materials,fabrics, pictures or any decoration to achieve the balance.(It is inexpensive as you can use the already existing ones. )

You don`t need any Chinese items – specially if you don`t like them – to achieve harmony. Any other decoration just work fine. We are using ancient methods in the modern environment.



What is Feng Shui for ?

Feng Shui is for re-balancing the energy system of the house/space to support you , your relationships, your performance at your work, helping to re-energies your health and healthy body function, and giving you opportunity to accumulate wealth.

What is Feng Shui is good for?

It is good, if you :

– Want to have better job prospects ,

– Improve your business ,

– Make relationships better ,

– Improve your chances finding a partner,

– Make your children more obeying…etc.

If  you looking for new energy and positive change in your life, and  want to be more successful, more inspired and less stressed, Feng Shui is for you.

 To enhance or re-balance your luck,wealth,health and relationships, we are offering:

  Residential Consultations :  

– to re-harmonize your  home environment to support you and your family members- according to their date of birth- ;    

– to determine your best eating , sitting,  sleeping directions;

–   to deal with raising children problems,

–  to get better jobs, higher positions;

–  to enhance overall luck;

–  to deal with financial problems;

– to ‘smooth’ out relationship problems;

Pre – Buy/Sale consultations:

–  to get the most ‘auspicious’ directions, for the coming years knowing which type of house/apartment you need to buy:

Online Consultations:            

–  to have a consultation from the comfort of you home, focusing on one main issue.

Business Consultations: 

– to know which type of business you will be successful at;

– to find a building which will support your business;

–  to increase business flow;

–  to deal with staffing solutions;

 –  to enhance concentration and effectiveness;

Space Clearing Consultations:

–  for homes and offices; ( for more detailed information see `space        clearing page` )

Health,Relationship Consultations and Life Coaching:


Anita Bellerose






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